The company fullfills the expectations of its clients and ensures the quality of the products by applying to all production processes the international quality standard ISO 9001 and specifically for cosmetics plant ISO 22716 (Good Manufacturing Practices). The company has also established an Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.

Apart from the ISO certifications, Tango Cosmetics have also been zampple certified.

ISO 9001   ISO 22716   zampple badgeISO 9001

What is zampple;

Ζammple is a unique consumer body in the world, that gives its members the possibility to test products in order to evaluate and promote them. Importantly, zampple members use each product under normal conditions and offer productive evaluations.

Every month the consumers who are zampple members test and evaluate more than 20,000 products. The ones that meet specific criteria concerning their evaluations of fields such as productivity, value and packaging are granted with zampple’s certification.

More information: zampple.com


How did Tango go?

Tango body milk products were tested by 1,105 members and offered a very good consumer experience. According to the people that took part in the test, Tango has a light and thin texture, a variety of nice and original scents, while it offers moisturization that lasts. At the same time, its selling price was characterized as its strongest point (value for money).


Would the consumers that tested it recommend it?

48% of consumers that tested Tango not only were satisfied, but would also recommend it to others! In this way, the index Net Promoter Score of Tango products reached the impressive average percentage 27% (some Tango products even made it to 34%), while the mean percentage of the competition is 3-5%!

Deep Analysis*



The body milk Tango offers a very good consumer experience. The product has light & thin texture, a variety of nice & original scents, while it seems to offer moisturization that lasts. The strongest point of Tango body milk is its selling price.



It offers effective moisturization of the skin that lasts, has light texture that does not leave the skin feeling greasy.


Strong points

• Quickly absorbed – Easily spread
• Contains almond or olive oil, aloe vera extracts and vitamin E
• Has natural scents from plants and flowers



The consumers to a large extent (63%) consider Tango to be a product that was made for them. Not only because it does what it promises (moisturization), but also thanks to its very low price.


*From the official zampple report for Tango body milks

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