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Tango cosmetics are produced by the greek company CLEANWAY.

CLEANWAY was established in 1987, initially with the intention to offer to the market a broad range of detergent products of high quality at the lowest possible price.

CLEANWAY entered the cosmetics sector in 2010. Specialized scientific personnel and a new modern production facility, completed in 2012, allowed to gain market share. Through research & development (R&D) activities a full range of cosmetic products has been designed and developed for excellent quality and very competitive prices in line with the company’s mission.  CLEANWAY offers two complete product lines of face care creams, skin care and personal care cosmetics.

The brand “TANGO” is a complete line based on  natural ingredients well known for antioxidant and moisturizing properties such as greek olive oil, almond oil, aloe vera. The high quality and competitiveness of TANGO cosmetics , is not only confirmed by their increasing demand in the greek and the international markets, but also by a wide-base consumer satisfaction survey. TANGO body milk products gained a consumer experience award  after being tested by 1,105 members of the consumer club ZAMPPLE (www.zampple.com).

The brand Herbellin, is the outcome of cutting edge innovation aiming to fuse nature with science. More at Herbellin Official Website.

Cleanway is one of the few greek companies that have been certified with the european Eco label for its range of ecological detergent products with the brand name “Green Life”.

The company’s factory and its warehouses are situated within its own grounds of 8 acres, 55 km from the center of Athens, in the industrial area of Inofyta. The plant operates in a pleasant and rewarding environment for its employees, which at the same time responds to the environmental and social requirements of the era.

More information about the company: Cleanway Official Website

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